Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fab Flip Flops

In case you can’t tell I have an unhealthy desire to own everything J.Crew. The horrible truth is that I can’t afford 99% of it so I just stare and drool. Every so often I will enter the store, put my blinders up, and make a B-line for the sale section. (A Dane Cook joke is popping into my head right now, anyone else?) In the sale section I usually find a treasure or two and these flip flops win the prize for best find. The straps are elastic and they are so thick and comfy I live in them on the weekends. If I were rich I would buy 30 pairs of these for my wedding and put them in a basket by the dance floor. Ladies with sore feet could change into them and dance the night away in comfy yet feminine flip flops.

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