Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh Hell Yeah!

Want a free diamond? Art and I did this last year and it was a ton of fun!

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Engagement Photo Time!

I’m not going to lie, there is nothing I love more than getting my picture taken. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper my grandfather has had a camera in my face. It was so bad that they would try to catch me off guard just to get a picture where I wasn’t smiling. (They were never successful.)

This Thursday is the one year mark until the wedding and I couldn’t think of a better day to have our E-Session. We’re meeting our photographer Alisha Clark at our reception hall so that she can have a tour of the place. We’ll snap a few photos there and then drive 30 minutes to my college campus in downtown Troy, NY. If you’ve heard of Troy you might be groaning right now but I promise my college campus is beautiful - there are hidden courtyards and historic brownstones. Did you know that Troy has the most Tiffany glass per square mile of any city in the US? I bet you didn’t!

So here is my outfit! I thought I would have a much harder time finding it but lucky for me Banana was having their Fall Sale and I had a gift card. After shipping and gift card I paid 25 bucks for this dress!

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Shoes are hard for me because I’m only an inch shorter than Art. I love heels but anything over a kitten heel - I’m towering over him. I bought these from Target for $20 but they give me blisters and make me too tall. Maybe I’ll wear them when we’re sitting down.
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I bought shoes like these at DSW for $17 after coupon. The shoes I have are solid black, no pattern or weird fabric - I just couldn’t find a photo because they are probably last season. The good news is that they are kitten heel and make us the same height with his shoes on.
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Tonight Arthur will be modeling some outfits for me. I think I’ll put him in Black pants and a maroon sweater. I just don’t want him to be hot. It’s supposed to be 71 but with some rain. Chance of rain in 30% and Alisha says it never rains on her so here’s hoping!

Always the Procrastinator

I have wanted to read this book for 6 years! The author, Chrys Ingraham, is possibly the most intelligent and passionate women I will ever know. She was one of my professor’s in college and I planned my schedule each semester around the possibility of taking one of her classes. To this day I am still upset that I didn’t get to take her Sociology of the Media class, I thought about auditing it the year after I graduated but the whole 3 hour commute from NYC wasn’t going to work.

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Chrys and I share a special bond that I wish we didn’t. My roommate senior year, Nancy - who was a sophomore that year, had always admired Chrys and when she confided in me that she wanted to transfer after I graduated I immediately brought her to Chrys in hopes of changing her mind. Nancy stayed and became very involved in one of Chrys’s passions - the unfair living situations of Mexican workers, specifically near the US/Mexican boarder. Nancy went on a trip to Mexico with Chrys and was approved to go on another her senior year but she died in a car accident the summer before she was scheduled to go. Nancy’s family asked me to facilitate her funeral and asked Chrys to deliver her eulogy.

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Nancy in the middle, me in the red - 2004.

While Chrys and I haven’t seen each other since Nancy’s funeral, we’ve kept in touch through e-mail. Chrys retired from my college last year but through some stoke of luck she is still teaching a class on Thursdays and I’m scheduled to be taking me engagement pictures at my school this Thursday! You better believe I’m going to read her book as fast as I can so that when I tell her about my wedding plans I’ll have something intelligent to say! I cannot wait to get a view of the other side of weddings, a side I think I need to read about before I get any farther in my plans. I’ll write about what I learn later.

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Chrys Ingraham, Anita Roddick - founder of the Body Shop, and myself. My graduation - 2004.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Sweetest Day

Art and I officially became a couple on October 20, 2001. It was his fraternity’s annual formal, the 3 to 3, he came to my dorm with a dozen red roses and the rest is history. Fast forward 5.5 years to April 2007 and we were looking to set our wedding date. I wanted August 2, 2008 and he wanted October because he hates hot weather. I have a strange obsession with even numbers which I won’t get into now, but I basically refuse to do anything important on an odd numbered day, month, year, etc. I tell you this because a sane person would say, “well she wants August and he wants October so why not meet in the middle and have it in September?” No, not an option for me - September is the 9th month of the year and therefore an odd number and off limits!

So there we are in the office of the event planner at Glen Sanders and we’re trying to decide on a date. Because I’m weird, our options are August 2, October 4, or October 18. I least liked October 18 because 1+8=9, but that’s getting a little too psychotic even for me. As we sit there debating, the event planner says, “well if you pick the 18th you can be married on Sweetest Day!” What’s Sweetest Day you ask? Out event planner had no idea, but it sounded good - October 18th it is.

When I got home I did a little digging and ended up at Wikipedia, as usual. People often warn me that Wiki is usually biased and sometimes totally wrong, but I love it all the same. It says that Sweetest Day is:

“Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States on the third Saturday in October. It is described by Retail Confectioners International, as ‘much more important for candymakers in some regions than in others (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo being the biggest Sweetest Day cities)’ and an ‘occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.’ Sweetest Day has also been referred to as a ‘concocted promotion’ created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of candy.”

Did you catch that? The 3rd Saturday of October is Sweetest Day! Well Art and I started dating on the 3rd Saturday of October! It’s meant to be! Now that I know what they mean by Sweetest day I’m thinking candy - lots of candy!!

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Adventures in Bargain Hunting

In a previous post I mentioned that if I were rich I would buy several pairs of these flip flops (below) from J.Crew so that ladies with sore feet could change into something comfortable but stylish.

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Well, ask and you shall receive! I was wandering through Willowbrook mall in Wayne, NJ and in the clearance bin at J. Crew I find at least 70 pairs of these babies on clearance for $4.99!! I know $5 is still a little steep but they are amazing and I love them. Plus, little know fact is that if you present a student ID J.Crew will take 10% off anything. The catch is that they only had 3 size 8’s and the rest were size 9’s. A very helpful sales person went into the back room to look for more but he found nothing else. So I loaded up one fiancĂ©, a bridesmaid and myself with 22 pairs (20 black for guests and 2 white for me) and headed for the register. We got some weird stares from the 2 girls at the register but after I explained that I’m a crazy bride they understood.

The best part - Art went back to the mall the next weekend and dropped into J.Crew to find they were having a 25% off sale on their sale items! He talked to the sales person who said, “yes, I remember you!” and he told Art that if he brought the receipt in we could get a price adjustment up to 15 days after the sale!! So we are little bargain hunters and I’m a happy bride!!