Monday, October 15, 2007

Adventures in Bargain Hunting

In a previous post I mentioned that if I were rich I would buy several pairs of these flip flops (below) from J.Crew so that ladies with sore feet could change into something comfortable but stylish.

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Well, ask and you shall receive! I was wandering through Willowbrook mall in Wayne, NJ and in the clearance bin at J. Crew I find at least 70 pairs of these babies on clearance for $4.99!! I know $5 is still a little steep but they are amazing and I love them. Plus, little know fact is that if you present a student ID J.Crew will take 10% off anything. The catch is that they only had 3 size 8’s and the rest were size 9’s. A very helpful sales person went into the back room to look for more but he found nothing else. So I loaded up one fiancĂ©, a bridesmaid and myself with 22 pairs (20 black for guests and 2 white for me) and headed for the register. We got some weird stares from the 2 girls at the register but after I explained that I’m a crazy bride they understood.

The best part - Art went back to the mall the next weekend and dropped into J.Crew to find they were having a 25% off sale on their sale items! He talked to the sales person who said, “yes, I remember you!” and he told Art that if he brought the receipt in we could get a price adjustment up to 15 days after the sale!! So we are little bargain hunters and I’m a happy bride!!

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