Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Engagement Photo Time!

I’m not going to lie, there is nothing I love more than getting my picture taken. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper my grandfather has had a camera in my face. It was so bad that they would try to catch me off guard just to get a picture where I wasn’t smiling. (They were never successful.)

This Thursday is the one year mark until the wedding and I couldn’t think of a better day to have our E-Session. We’re meeting our photographer Alisha Clark at our reception hall so that she can have a tour of the place. We’ll snap a few photos there and then drive 30 minutes to my college campus in downtown Troy, NY. If you’ve heard of Troy you might be groaning right now but I promise my college campus is beautiful - there are hidden courtyards and historic brownstones. Did you know that Troy has the most Tiffany glass per square mile of any city in the US? I bet you didn’t!

So here is my outfit! I thought I would have a much harder time finding it but lucky for me Banana was having their Fall Sale and I had a gift card. After shipping and gift card I paid 25 bucks for this dress!

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Shoes are hard for me because I’m only an inch shorter than Art. I love heels but anything over a kitten heel - I’m towering over him. I bought these from Target for $20 but they give me blisters and make me too tall. Maybe I’ll wear them when we’re sitting down.
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I bought shoes like these at DSW for $17 after coupon. The shoes I have are solid black, no pattern or weird fabric - I just couldn’t find a photo because they are probably last season. The good news is that they are kitten heel and make us the same height with his shoes on.
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Tonight Arthur will be modeling some outfits for me. I think I’ll put him in Black pants and a maroon sweater. I just don’t want him to be hot. It’s supposed to be 71 but with some rain. Chance of rain in 30% and Alisha says it never rains on her so here’s hoping!

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