Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Always the Procrastinator

I have wanted to read this book for 6 years! The author, Chrys Ingraham, is possibly the most intelligent and passionate women I will ever know. She was one of my professor’s in college and I planned my schedule each semester around the possibility of taking one of her classes. To this day I am still upset that I didn’t get to take her Sociology of the Media class, I thought about auditing it the year after I graduated but the whole 3 hour commute from NYC wasn’t going to work.

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Chrys and I share a special bond that I wish we didn’t. My roommate senior year, Nancy - who was a sophomore that year, had always admired Chrys and when she confided in me that she wanted to transfer after I graduated I immediately brought her to Chrys in hopes of changing her mind. Nancy stayed and became very involved in one of Chrys’s passions - the unfair living situations of Mexican workers, specifically near the US/Mexican boarder. Nancy went on a trip to Mexico with Chrys and was approved to go on another her senior year but she died in a car accident the summer before she was scheduled to go. Nancy’s family asked me to facilitate her funeral and asked Chrys to deliver her eulogy.

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Nancy in the middle, me in the red - 2004.

While Chrys and I haven’t seen each other since Nancy’s funeral, we’ve kept in touch through e-mail. Chrys retired from my college last year but through some stoke of luck she is still teaching a class on Thursdays and I’m scheduled to be taking me engagement pictures at my school this Thursday! You better believe I’m going to read her book as fast as I can so that when I tell her about my wedding plans I’ll have something intelligent to say! I cannot wait to get a view of the other side of weddings, a side I think I need to read about before I get any farther in my plans. I’ll write about what I learn later.

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Chrys Ingraham, Anita Roddick - founder of the Body Shop, and myself. My graduation - 2004.

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