Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Music

I listen to Internet radio at work. Pandora to be specific. What is cool about Pandora is that if it plays a song you don't like you can tell it. Any song you give a negative rating too will never be played again. Sweet.

Today it decided to play Sweet Home Alabama. I came running to the computer... NOOOO, EWWW!! Most people in my generation love this song much in part due to the very popular movie Legally Blonde. Me? Not so much. You see, to me and my friends it actually causes us to remember something painful, the state a friend died in. While maybe I'm being a little sensitive, it got me to thinking. While I want to remember Nancy on my wedding day I certainly don't want that song playing at the reception. This negative rating system on Pandora could help me cultivate my do not play list for the DJ! I love how it's easy to turn every day mundane things into wedding planning tools. Right now it's playing Fleetwood Mac. Ah, that's better.

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