Thursday, January 31, 2008

Like the Sands Through the Hourglass...

Hi, my name is Miss Julya and I have an hourglass figure. You would think I'd be excited but considering I just read an article titled "The End of the Hourglass Figure," I'm a little deflated. It says, in a nut shell, that the classic 1950's silhouette is uncommon for today's female figure and that clothing makers need to follow suit. Here are the statistics for today's female figure:

Growing up I was between a rectangle and a spoon, where it appears most women are nowadays. I looked around me at my family of big busted women and felt defeated. Then in college, shortly after my grandmother passed away (the biggest bust of us all), they quite literally just appeared. I remember it very clearly, I was in my dorm room trying on bathing suits. Art was on his spring break and my college was going on break the following week. I put on my triangle bikini top that fit comfortably the previous summer and what is this? I'm falling out of it? I ran down the hall to my friends room (she consequently has a very large bust and feels no pity for me) and before I could say anything she said, "what are those and where did you get them?" I proudly declared, "My inheritance!"

So here I am at 38-28-38 and I'm reading this article about my figure being odd. What effect will this have on my wedding dress shopping? I guess I will find out on Sunday when I go to Kleinfeld for the first time. My goal is to be a perfect sample size 10 but I cannot find the measurements for that anywhere on the internet! What I did find is that I'm close to the measurements of Miss Sophia Loren. I wouldn't mind looking like this on my wedding day:

Yes, I'm a big Days of Our Lives Fan. I couldn't resist the title!


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