Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Table Numbers

I've been looking for alternatives to traditional table numbers. This isn't to say that I'm opposed to them, I just wonder if there are more interesting ways to go about it. I've seen tables named after places the couple have visited, but we aren't big on travel. Tables named after important land marks in the town or city the wedding is taking place, but we have no special attachment to Schenectady or Albany. I've seen tables named after significant years like 1987 (the year we entered Kindergarten) then putting pictures of the couple from that year on the table sign, but that seems a little busy to me. All are nice options but not our cup of tea.

Today while surfing the knot for decor ideas I came upon this idea:

Katie and Ryan's table numbers, which were designed to look like Mondrian replicas, were uniquely personal. Instead of sequential digits, each table number had special meaning: One table was labeled 26.2 to represent the Columbus Marathon the couple had run together; and another table was 107,501, the official capacity of the University of Michigan stadium.
Maybe we could have Table 138 -- Miles between our childhood homes. Table 50 -- Percentage of weddings that we've attended that were Sage - RPI couples.

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